Customer Reviews

Donna Rowntree
I LOVE your Go Naturally Honey - just ordered some in bulk and decided to try some in assorted as well (bet they're all great)

Judith Davies
Your organic apple is my's sooo....appley! Just like the real thing.

Keith Illg
I just tried your candies today, apple and cherry organic, and they are really good! Keep up the great work, and thanks to Erma's in Webster Texas for carrying them!

Sam O Linna
At last...lollies that I don't feel guilty giving my kids. We love the apple and pomegranate organic hard candies. Send your new flavours here soon!

Aleksandra Valerievna Chernova
I just got some of your Organic Pomegranate hard candies and I love it! It's delicious! Thank you for making pomegranate flavored candy. :)

Judith Davies
The green apple is my fave, as well...just like a real, crisp apple!! I wish our drug store carried more flavours, they only have the apple and cherry.

Susan Jackson
I had your Go Naturally Organic green apple candy today and it is amazing!!!

Sarah May
I bought some of your organic honey lemon candy on sale the other day. Completely delicious! I don't eat a lot of of candy in the first place, so it means a lot when I say I look forward to trying the other flavors! :)

Chantelle Gibbard Catania
Just found your organic candy and LOVE it! Can you help me out and let me know who sells them in the Atlanta, GA area?