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Nassau Candy Presents: GoNaturally Organic Hard Candies


Portrait of Ross – Artist Felix Gonzalez Torres expresses the loss of his partner by using our Hillside Sweets Fruit Flashers in his art piece


The Manufacturing Confectioner Dec 2012 Issue

Candy & Snack Today September/October 2012 Issue



America's Best Organics Gift Boxes Launch
Best Organics, Inc. launches America's Best Organics gift baskets, featuring organic products from U.S. based producers, including Hillside Candy!


Are YOU Living in America's Diabetes Belt?
'Diabetes belt' stretches across 15 states, new data shows
Already dubbed America's "stroke belt," the southeastern U.S. just earned another dubious distinction as the nation's "diabetes belt," government researchers said Tuesday.
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New Guidelines for Food Consumption
Does the government really need to tell us how to eat?
The new guideline is a dose of common sense, and some information that offers nutritional guidance for better health.
Here it is for your review:
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Hillside Candy is On The Road in 2011!

Hillside Candy will be at the following trade shows:

  • Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim Convention Center, March 11-13. Booth # 3106
  • Sweets and Snacks Show (formerly All Candy Expo), Chicago, May 24-26. Booth #1420
  • NASFT Fancy Food Show, Washington, DC, July 10-12. Booth # 1210-1212.

Please come visit!


GoNaturally Organic Candy Now Available in 8 Different Flavors!

Hillside, NJ --- Following the success of its GoNaturally line of organic candy, Hillside Candy has added two additional flavors to its collection: Blood Orange and Iced Mint Mango. These flavors will begin to ship in January 2011.

“GoNaturally has been a phenomenal success,” states Ted Cohen, owner and President of Hillside Candy. “The market has enthusiastically welcomed organic candy and we are pleased to add additional flavors to the GoNaturally line.”

The candy, which has organic brown rice syrup and evaporated cane juice as its base ingredients (organic sugar), is gluten free. It is free of preservatives and chemicals and is Kosher/ Halal. The candy is made in America, specifically, in New Jersey.

The new flavors were created after lengthy research. “Blood Orange is a perfect flavor for consumers who have embraced an organic lifestyle. It’s an organic-type flavor. As for the iced mint mango….mint is always a popular seller. Tropical fruits, especially mango, have gained a lot of interest. By combining both flavors, the taste is refreshing, sweet and a little unusual.”

In addition to these two new flavors, GoNaturally is available in Apple, Cherry, Ginger, Honey, Honey Lemon and Pomegranate.

Not only is the candy organic, there is an environmental component to the story: the twist wrappers and peg bags are recyclable.

The SRP is $2.99 per 3.5 oz stand up bag. All flavors are available in 15 lb cases too.

For information, call (800) 524 1304 or visit


Hillside Candy Participates in National Diabetes Month
Hillside, NJ --- In support of Diabetes Month, Golightly Sugar Free candy has taken part in the USA Today "Unite for Diabetes" Section. The section was distributed in 1.5 million newspapers.

The section contains practical and informative information for those with diabetes. 

You can read the 16 page report below:

Unite for Diabetes – USA Today, November 2010

Unite for Diabetes


Hillside Candy's GoNaturally Line Responds to a Need
Hillside, NJ --- Hillside Candy's USDA certified GoNaturally Organic hard candy continues to be a hit!! The market has embraced this product and can be found in stores across America including Whole Foods, Wegmans and TJ Maxx.

The delicious candy was developed in response to the growing organic movement and demand for better-for-you foods.

Organic food sales continue to grow even during recessionary times. Sales, in 2009, were nearly $6.2 billion dollars.

Organic food cuts across all classes and demographics. More than 50% of Americans purchased organic foods in the past year. With health issues and food contamination cases in the news, people are looking for safer, cleaner, more natural food and drink.

GoNaturally Organic Hard Candy is available in 6 flavors: honey lemon, cherry, ginger, honey apple and pomegranate. All of the candy's twist wrappers, stand up pouches, and display case are recyclable.

The candy can be found not only in stores across America, but in international countries such as Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Curaco, Korea, Australia and Israel. Overseas, the name of the candy is Go Organic, instead of GoNaturally.

For information and/ or samples of GoNaturally organic hard candy, or Hillside’s GoLightly Sugar Free or Hillside Sweets made-with-sugar lines, contact the New Jersey office at 800 524 1304 or 973 926 2300.