About Hillside Candy


Hillside Candy, a family-owned business, continues to pride itself in producing premium products, made only from the finest ingredients. Hillside Candy offers three very distinct product lines. Each product brand enjoys widespread distribution throughout the United States and Internationally. GoLightly Sugar Free Candy, in business since 1980 (though the business started many years earlier), Hillside Sweets, a line of sugar-based hard candy, and GoOrganic an organic candy line USDA and NonGMO certified. Hillside Candy is a pioneer in the sugar free confection market. All of Hillside Candy’s products are made in the United States of America. The shelf life is 2 years and may be stored at room temperature. These products are sold in drug store chains, mass merchandisers, grocery chains, supermarkets, gourmet stores, re-baggers, gift basket companies, etc both domestically and internationally. Part of the company’s success is that all three lines offer quality, consistency and a delicious taste.

Our Background

In 1945, Moses founded Moru Industries Company. Unlike its competitors, the company did not mass-produce candy; it cooked only one product (a simple honey drop candy) individually wrapped. After many years in business, Moses turned the company over to his nephew Mike Fisher, a candy chemist by trade. Mike continued the business, but by 1980, became fed up. Machinery constantly broke down, employees didn’t always show up. Fisher had enough and wanted to close the factory. Through an acquaintance, William Cohen learned of Fisher’s situation. Without knowing anything about the candy business, but knowing a lot about a good opportunity from his venture capital background, Cohen bought the business in 1980. Cohen asked Fisher to stay on for 60 days. He consented…and remained a vital part of the business for the next 19 years.

Moru changed its name to GoLightly in the mid 1980’s to reflect the consumer interest in sugar-free, health-conscious foods. The company quickly added a sales force, created a corporate identity and expanded the line to over 100 products. Although business began by shipping orders of one and two cases (a bell was rung in the order entry department when a “large” order for five cases came in), the GoLightly brand now ships to thousands of accounts in the United States, and exports its products to more than 20 countries around the world. The line is broken down into the better-for-you categories of sugar-free candies and organic candy and also sugar based candy. The GoLightly sugar-free candy line is one of the leading niche brands in the sugar-free market. The company remains a family owned, privately held business. Ted Cohen, son of Bill, is President and CEO.

Located in Hillside, New Jersey (approximately 20 miles from NYC, and five minutes away from Newark airport) Hillside Candy continues to offer a candy for every taste. Hillside remains fully committed to meeting the demands and desires of American candy-lovers by producing excellent-tasting products for today’s tastes in candy.